Oahu's North Shore


Oahu's North Shore is the coast primarily that brings people to this side of the island.  Lured by fabled visions of water warriors battling the ceaseless surf on wooden boards through tides that vary in intensity and threat, surf breaks like Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay challenge watermen worldwide to test their skills in the limitless seas of the Pacific.  Even those who do not surf still flock to the beaches to catch a glimpse of these aquatic athletes.  During the winter months, the streets of Haleiwa are jam packed with visitors trying to get to one of the many surf competitions happening in town.  The Pipeline Masters often referred to as the Superbowl of Surfing, turns these languid beaches into a frenzied red carpet extravaganza. 

On the beaches, the surging tides bring forth more than just waves.  Here, it is common to see 10 or 20 green sea turtles feeding off rocks littered with seaweed or a massive monk seal half buried in the sand. 

Deemed as one of the most pristine places on the island, the North Shore houses bird sanctuaries, various species of plants and a marine conservation with unparalleled diving and snorkeling grounds. 

Haleiwa town offers a handful of unique boutique shops and eateries.  Restaurants range from roadside wagons to 5-star dining.  Stop in at one of the art galleries or antique shops and learn about the history of this phenomenal surf town.

The residential area of Waialua was once a sugar plantation town that remained in operation up until October 4, 1996.  Today, the mill is home to different local shops and businesses.  Both the mill and the surrounding town have maintained its original external appearance.  Further west towards Kaena point is Mokuleia, a wild stretch of private coastline that makes for great shell collecting, sunbathing, and surfing.  

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