Lomilomi at Halelea Spa


Just as the flowing water of a mountain stream polishes the rough edges of the rocks beneath, so the strong, gentle hands of a gifted lomilomi practitioner smooth the tension from sore, travel-weary muscles.  With long, fluid, serpentine motions, the ancient Hawaiian art of lomilomi, known as “the loving touch,” uses a combination of compression, gliding and kneading techniques to gently access deep muscular tissue.  This traditional healing modality offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy what was, until recently, one of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets.  At Halele‘a Spa, once you have selected your favorite tropical scented oil and soothing ambient music, your massage opens with pule, or prayer, a time-honored Hawaiian chant asking for spiritual guidance to help release muscular tension, blocked emotions and the psychic chords that bind us to the past.

Combining equal parts grace and power, lomilomi incorporates the thumbs, hands, forearms, and elbows in a well-choreographed rhythm of healing.  Similar to hula, this timeless art mimics the effortless flow of water to nurture the body and soul.  By releasing the aches and pains stored within muscle tissue, feelings of joy, peace and tranquility are allowed to flow unimpeded through the body, mind and heart.  Traditionally, everyone in the family was taught lomilomi and frequently practiced on one another to promote deep internal healing, relieve sore muscles and headaches, and aid digestion.  There is a bond of love and trust that develops between the giver and receiver of this sacred Hawaiian practice.  Tied to aloha ‘aina (love of the land) and the mystery of ha (the sacred breath of life), lomilomi envelopes peace, relaxation and profound inner healing to those who are open to receiving its gifts.  Following the closing prayer of this special Hawaiian experience, you will walk away feeling buoyant, serene and fully infused with the incredible beauty and magic that is Kauai.


Halelea Spa at The St. Regis Princeville Resort offers the Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, 60 and 90-minute treatments from 9am to 7pm daily.  Appointments are highly recommended (808) 826-9644. 

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