Honolulu and Chinatown


Eclectic and funky would be the best way to describe this historic enclave where some of the streets are still made out cobblestone.  Prior to its recent makeover, Chinatown was considered a “seedy” area flooded with brothels and underground gambling rings.  Today, for the most part, the streets have been cleared of the homeless and replaced with a young, after-work crowd looking for a pau hana (after work) affair. 

Every first Friday of the month, the streets fill with neo-art addicts who jump from gallery to gallery fueled by the hope of discovering the next undiscovered artist extraordinaire.  Most of the stores in the area are opened late and the Chicago-style nightclubs import international DJs to entertain those whose interests lie in music rather than art.

Besides being the hub of the state’s main business center and financial district, Downtown Honolulu holds many historical sites as well.  Places like Iolani Palace, the State Capitol Building, and Washington Place are all within walking distance and can easily be toured with advance reservations.  

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