Goat's Milk Does a Body Good


For some, the thought of drinking goat’s milk may sound strange, maybe even unusual.   People drink goat’s milk? Believe it or not, many do!  With essential vitamins and nutrients, goat’s milk is as close as you can get to a perfect, natural food.  You may want to join the million of others who regularly consume goat’s milk for its youthful and rejuvenating properties. The super nutritious dairy product has been enjoyed for centuries—and there’s a good reason why.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, chiropractor, entrepreneur and the author of Goat Milk Magic, published his scientific findings on the subject.  Dr. Jensen traveled through the mountainous regions of Russia where he found some of the eldest and most healthy people in the world.  This led him to question, how were these individuals, at such an old age, still so radiant and youthful?  After continuing his study in over 90 different countries, Dr. Jensen learned that every individual he encountered practiced one common factor—the routine consumption of goat’s milk.  The result was several people who were healthy and happy, all over the age of 100!  In London, Margaret Patton lived to be 137 years old while Jonathan Hartop walked an impressive nine miles every day at the age of 136 (he lived to be 138). Thomas Parr lived to be 152 years old and Peter Czartin of Austria, until the age of 184. 

Through his findings, Dr. Jensen describes a variety of other benefits stemming from goat’s milk.  For health conditions like allergies, tuberculosis, arthritis, and ulcers, goat’s milk products have proved to be an excellent preventative.  With a content of 13% more calcium, 25% more B6, and 47% more vitamin A than cow’s milk, goat’s milk is packed with more of the vital nutrients needed to fight off many bad health conditions.  And it doesn’t end there—goat’s milk products contain more chloride, copper, manganese, potassium, niacin, silicon and fluorine (silicon and fluorine are useful for the prevention of diabetes).

 However, the most impressive health benefit of goat’s milk is apparent just by observing the lively animal.  If ever encountering a goat firsthand, you’ll notice how energetic, flexible and limber these creatures are.  Goats are known to climb on the roofs of barns and houses, even rummage through rocky mountainous terrain with great ease.  How is that possible?  The answer is in a special chemical which goats naturally produce called bioorganic sodium—a mobilizing mineral that is also known as a “youth element.”  While cows are “calcium-based” animals, the sodium found in goats is what keeps them active and agile for their entire lives, a bioorganic substance that also does wonders for humans!  So while we don’t recommend climbing to the top of your house or can’t promise a lifespan of 150 years, goat’s milk has proven to enhance lifestyles, containing mobilizing and anti-aging properties.

But now to answer the most commonly asked question—how does goat’s milk tastes?  The misconception that goat’s milk has a strange or foreign taste is simply false.  Upon first try, many are shocked to find that it tastes remarkably similar to cow’s milk.  Consumers even claim that most people usually can’t distinguish a difference between the two types.  Ever tried feta or chèvre cheese?  Both products are made from goat’s milk and many local favorite restaurants include the use of goat-based products in their delicious recipes!

Here on Kauai, there are several places where you can experience the goat craze.   For a real taste, visit the truly engaging, family owned and operated, Kauai Kunana Dairy located on the island’s North Shore in Waipake.  This farm has been producing gourmet goat cheese and certified organic fruits and vegetables for over 10 years.  A guided visit to their unique establishment is educational and fun for all ages.  Tours include a step-by-step explanation of how cheese is made from the beginning of milking the goats to the delicious finished product.  Farm tours last from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours and include a light breakfast of seasonal fruits and a cheese tasting held right in the dairy.  Kauai Kunana Dairy received the award of best home-based small business on Kauai for 2010 as they have discovered simple ways to make their farm sustainable.  Their cheeses are featured on the menus of Kaua‘i’s finest restaurants and can be found at several retail outlets.  Their dairy also produces a line of body lotions, goat’s milk shampoo and conditioner and body soaps that you can purchase directly from the farm or by visiting them at the open-air farmer’s market in Hanalei and Lihue.  Call (808) 651-5046 for more information.

This editorial was featured in Kauai Traveler magazine

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