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In the dark of the night, the city lights of Honolulu reveal an island as alive with nightlife as it is with wildlife.  Luxury hotels and modern highrises are enveloped in a salty mist carried by an island trade wind that holds the scent of the Plumeria blossom, while colorful reef fish meander through caves and coral and a change in tide can unexpectedly yield a lonely sea turtle in search of a resting place. 

The island of Oahu - a utopia in the Pacific – offers more than an encounter with the sea.  Above the populated beaches, trails lead over ridges and through valleys punctuated by Ohia Lehua trees.  It is easy to lose and find yourself following a rolling river to an island waterfall.  When the sun sets and the valleys go black, the city comes to life.  From the historic and mysterious streets of Chinatown to the elaborate storefronts of Waikiki, Oahu has become the gathering place for patrons from all walks of life. 

Geologically, the island is the result of two separate shield volcanoes: Waianae and Koolau. Nearly all of its land lies between these two mountains and is referred to as the central Oahu plain or “the saddle.”  Mt. Kaala, the highest point between the two, rises 4,003 feet above sea level.  The experience of being here stirs up a sense of nostalgia evoked by the recent loss of a young monarchy whose royal palace, the I‘olani Palace, is the only one of its kind in America. 

The joining of nature and pleasure results in a rich and complex lifestyle that has found a delicate balance between preservation and development.  Once a whaling port, Oahu is now a busy metropolis known for its beautiful beaches, temperate weather and perfect surf.


Downtown & Chinatown

North Shore of Oahu

East Oahu

West Oahu

Hawaii Kai & South Oahu

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