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Waipo‘o Falls

Tumbling dramatically into Waimea Canyon on the West Side of the island are the scenic Waipoo Falls. These falls are first visible from the Waimea Canyon Lookout and again from several pullouts along the side of the road as you approach the Kokee Lodge. From this distance, the falls clearly plummet toward the valley floor in two stages. When well fed with water, the effect is stunning.

Waipoo is one waterfall on Kauai that is relatively easy to hike down to by way of the well traveled Cliff Trail and Canyon Trail. This popular route offers stunning panoramas of Waimea Valley and includes varied topography and plant life, a good chance to spot or at least hear mountain goats and the opportunity to picnic directly above the waterfall. If you take this hike, you won’t get a good view of the falls from the trail as you will be right above it and the flow of water can appear deceptively small. However, for hearty hikers, it is possible to continue hiking beyond Waipoo Falls to a more distant ridge, which if followed, will take you to a point where you can look back down on the falls from a relatively close vantage point.


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