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Hanakapiai Falls

On Kaua‘i’s North Shore, a 4-mile hike in from the “the end of the road” at Kee Beach, Hanakapiai Falls is one of the highest and most beautiful falls you’re likely to see on Kaua‘i. The hike to Hanakapiai Valley itself is an absolute treat, but for those willing and able to make the whole 8-mile round-trip journey in and out, the falls at the back of the valley are wonderful.

To visit Hanakapiai Falls, plan an early start and be mindful of the weather. The hike is moderately strenuous and the trail is often very muddy and slippery. Reaching the falls involves multiple stream crossings, which can quickly turn treacherous if heavy rains send a deluge of water down from the island’s interior. This is particularly common during the winter months (November-March).

Hiking to the falls, you will pass Hanakapiai Beach, which marks the halfway point to the falls. The beach is gorgeous and, as anyone will tell you, unfailingly deadly. People drown at this beach every year and even “just wading” here is a mistake. Going in the water here, especially during the winter’s high surf season is just plain foolish. Enjoy it from a safe distance.


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