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Secret Falls

On Kauai’s East Side, there’s nothing secret about Secret Falls and the alternative name “Sacred Falls” refers to the Wailua area in general, but the falls, which in Hawaiian are called Uluwehi, are undeniably beautiful and certainly a lot of fun to visit. Secret Falls may have actually been something of a secret before they became a major kayak tour destination some over 20 ago, but today they are very well-visited by scores of kayak paddling vacationers and local residents.

If you can accept the fact that when you reach the falls, you will probably be among the masses, a paddle and hiking trip to Secret Falls is definitely worth the expense and effort. There are between 10 and 15 different companies offering Secret Falls tours but the pioneer is simply called Kayak Kaua‛i. They’ve been leading tours to Secret Falls from the beginning.

To reach the falls, join a tour (or rent your own kayak) and paddle upstream on the Wailua River until you reach the fork where you branch to the right and continue to the kayak-filled landing spot where a roughly one-mile trail leads to the falls. The trail has very little elevation loss or gain, but is often very muddy and does involve a few stream crossings, the largest of which has a guide rope running over the river as an aid.

One of the nicest things about Secret Falls is a much smaller waterfall you may encounter along the way on the lower trail. This very small unnamed falls is absolutely beautiful, making an ideal backdrop for photos and is rather unlike any other well-known falls on Kaua‘i. Secret Falls itself is an impressive 110-ft cascade with a pool where people in spite of warning signs take their chances with a dip in the pool below the falls.


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