East Maui


The Road to Hana – Heavenly Hana has managed to remain an undeveloped tropical paradise completely isolated from the rest of the island.  Attempting the drive there is an adventure in itself often trumping the destination.  Starting in Paia, this 52-mile journey traverses approximately 56 one-lane bridges and 617 hairpin curves.

Paia - When the sugar industry reigned supreme, the small town of Paia was the benefactor of its success.  If it wasn’t for the development of one of the biggest sugar mills in the region, this dainty little town may not exist today.  In the 60s and 70s the town of Paia experienced a resurgence of popularity as artisans and bohemians migrated into the community. Paia has a number of diverse galleries, restaurants, surf shops and specialty boutiques. 

Haiku - Its location on the edge of a rainforest keeps it lush and green all year round.  Like its predecessor, Paia, Haiku was a plantation town with pineapple being the main crop.  Though the main crop of pineapples still dominates the landscape, the old canneries no longer process the sweet fruit.  Most of the canneries have since converted to shops and businesses.  The most popular attraction in Haiku lies along Hana Highway between mile marker 13 and 14.  Peahi, better known as Jaws, is the most spectacular big wave riding spot in the world.  Hundreds of spectators line its shores every December to witness modern day kamikazes navigate the face of 60 plus foot waves.

Huelo – Mainly an agricultural town, Huelo is sparsely populated and often overlooked by visitors.  Those seeking an isolated getaway will find it here.

Hana – Set between the blue Pacific and a lush rainforest, the town of Hana provides visitors with a different kind of paradise.  Sea goers can spend the day on colorful beaches made up of red, black and green sand while forest dwellers discover hidden pools fueled by cascading waterfalls. Without the distractions of a golf course and a shopping mall, visitors are able to fully immerse themselves in the natural grandeur that defines Hawaii.  Years of isolation have placed an aura of peace around the town making it a serendipitous escape for celebrities and socialites.   

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