Splash of Heat!


When dining at a local style restaurant, keep an eye out for the chili pepper water, a favorite food topper. This fiery treat is a clear, watery condiment that often contains whole red chili peppers. Go beyond the Ketchup and Tabasco and dash some chili pepper water on local cuisine to accentuate your meal. Be forewarned, chili pepper water does pack some heat. In its simplest form, chili pepper water is comprised of Hawaiian red chilies (similar to Asian red chili peppers), a little salt and water. It is also common for a bit of crushed garlic, ginger and rice wine vinegar to be added to the mix. With a consistency of water and not a sauce, locals often pour chili pepper water into a side dish and sip on the condiment after taking a bite of food. The chili flavor enhances local style cuisine, favored to complement beef stews, Hawaiian barbeque, and even poke and poi. Whether you choose to top on your food or sip on the side, chili pepper water is a must try!

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