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Mahaulepu Beach

If you are looking for that perfect, off-the-beaten-path spot, Mahaulepu is the picnic location you’ve been searching for. This is a destination for those who seek adventure—the beach will take you over a variety of rugged terrain with undeveloped shoreline that offers miles of exploring.  Jagged cliffs are scattered over this two-mile long, golden-red sand beach with small, secluded coves that you can call your own, if only temporarily. Just 10 minutes from the famous Poipu beaches, this south side locale is a sacred site and home to native species so tread lightly. This area has a fair amount of sun year-round, though it can produce heavy rains during the winter and spring months.

To get to Mahaulepu, drive about four miles south on Poipu Rd. Follow the shoreline, curving to the left until the road turns to dirt. The road continues unpaved for another two miles and driving in a low car after heavy rains is not advised—be sure to check road conditions before continuing on. Once you see the gates, turn right. The dirt road ends at a parking lot where you will follow a short flat trail to the beach. The gate is open between 7:30am and 6pm.



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