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Found throughout Hawai‘i, the gold dust day gecko and the Madagascar day gecko, which is much larger and bulkier in size growing up to lengths of nearly 25 centimeters (about 10 inches), are diurnal species. The gold dust day gecko’s body is usually bright green in color with yellow speckles on the neck and upper back, including three rust-colored transverse bars on the snout and head and three tapering bars on the lower back. They also have blue color around their eyes.

The Madagascar day gecko is named for its native eastern coastal home and inhabits trees in rainforests, including those found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. They are the largest species of day geckos and can be easily distinguished with their bright green or bluish-green bodies and distinct rust-colored spots on their mid-back and sides. A defined red line also runs from their snout to eye; the bright colors indicate their ability to camouflage with tropical leaves as they hunt for prey. These reptiles are extremely territorial, especially males. They are known to be quite raucous in defending their territory.

Day geckos feed on a variety of insects, floral nectar, and sometimes, sweet fruit. When trekking through Hawai‘i’s lush rainforests or taking a leisurely stroll around the beautifully landscaped resorts, see if you can spot these colorful day geckos that can easily blend in with their verdant environment. 

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