Chef Fest at Four Seasons Jan-Apr 2013

Chef Fest at Four Seasons

Signature annual event brings top chefs to Hawaii for the ultimate culinary getaway - a series of culinary celebrations, extraordinary meals and interactive

The Fairmont Orchid Blooms Anew Jan-Apr 2013

The Fairmont Orchid Blooms Anew

Completion of Comprehensive Guest Room Renovations Result in Luxurious Guest Experience

The Buzz on Kaua'i May-Aug 2012

The Buzz on Kaua'i

Oliver Shagnasty is a purist in the world of apiculture (beekeeping). He uses no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. When harvesting honey it’s just him, some simple non-mechanized equipment and the bees.

Local Lingo: Grindz May-Aug 2012

Local Lingo: Grindz

The local term grindz is often used by kama‘aina (island residents) to describe food that is tasty and good to the last bite.

Hand Gestures—Local Style! May-Aug 2012

Hand Gestures—Local Style!

The shaka is a ubiquitous hand gesture that has become closely associated with the Aloha Spirit.

In the Raw May-Aug 2012

In the Raw

From the Kona Coast to Kohala on around to Hilo, menus enliven with raw fruits of the sea that glisten, tempt, tease and beguile in their au naturel state.

The 50-Mile Cocktail Jan-Apr 2012

The 50-Mile Cocktail

Four Seasons Resort Hualālai introduces the 50-Mile Cocktail! Made entirely from ingredients within a 50-mile radius of the Resort, the Koa Wai (koa water) cocktail.

Get on Board! Jan-Apr 2012

Get on Board!

Famed Hawaiian surfer, Duke Kahanamoku is often credited with inspiring the modern reinvention of stand up paddling, as the sport can be traced back to ancient Hawaii.

The Snow Cone - Hawaiian Style! Jan-Apr 2012

The Snow Cone - Hawaiian Style!

A shave ice is cool and refreshing and a must-have treat while in Hawaii. It’s a local favorite among keiki (children) and adults alike—the perfect remedy to cool you down on hot sunny days.

The Golden Bird Jan-Apr 2012

The Golden Bird

Vibrant yellow in color and small in size, the Saffron Finch can be spotted in many places throughout the islands. A native to South America, it is believed that the Saffron Finch was first introduced to Hawaii in the 1960s and has been comfortably at home in the islands ever since.