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Waikiki September 2011


Interlaced through high fashion shops and exquisite restaurants are clusters and strings of buildings that edge along the soft sandy shores of one of the most recognized beaches in the world.

Oahu's North Shore September 2011

Oahu's North Shore

It is the coast primarily that brings people to this side of the island. Lured by fabled visions of water warriors battling the ceaseless surf on wooden boards through tides that vary in intensity and threat

Honolulu and Chinatown September 2011

Honolulu and Chinatown

Eclectic and funky would be the best way to describe this historic enclave where some of the streets are still made out cobblestone.

Kailua and East Oahu September 2011

Kailua and East Oahu

Bordered by the Koolau Mountain Range, the eastside of Oahu manages to maintain a small town vibe with a high-end feel.

South Oahu September 2011

South Oahu

Much like the other islands, the southern tip of Oahu is known for its sunshine and temperate weather. Small suburban pockets fill the ridges and valleys of the south end of the Koolau Range

West Oahu September 2011

West Oahu

Situated along the slopes of the Waianae mountain range, is the Ewa plain. Known as “the second city,” the west side of Oahu is undergoing rapid development