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For the Love of Lychee May-Aug 2012

For the Love of Lychee

Packing vitamins A, C, and potassium, Lychee is an exotic fruit that not only tastes good, but it's good for you as well.

Seaweed: More Than Good Seafood Jan-Apr 2012

Seaweed: More Than Good Seafood

Seaweed is a type of algae and is believed to have existed in ocean waters for the past billion years—that’s right, over a billion years! They are primarily categorized into three distinctions: green, red, and brown algae. While the term “weeds” often makes us think of the unwanted plants we find overtaking our gardens, seaweed is in fact simpler and more primitive in structure than their dry land counterparts.

Jellyfish Jan-Apr 2012


Although conceiving ghastly reputations, there is much more to be discovered when it comes to these mysterious ocean creatures. Not only are many jellyfish harmless, science has also proved that they are more beneficial to humans than we would have ever thought possible.

Floating Yoga Jan-Apr 2012

Floating Yoga

Yoga finds a new home on top of the water. Stand up paddle, or SUP, has been a rising star in the aquatic sports scene for years. Some use it as a cross-training tool, while others make a living on the sport with the pro tour. Stand up paddle has essentially become a platform for racing, surfing, channel crossings, environmental awareness, and recently, yoga.

Organic Beauty September 2011

Organic Beauty

For as long as women have been cooking, they’ve been whipping up their own skin care concoctions in the kitchen. With ingredients like fresh fruit from a nearby orchard or smashed tomatoes from a local farmers market, you can make skin care potions that smell good, feel good, and do good

Get Salty September 2011

Get Salty

What’s so great about salt? Salt is salt—right? Although we usually perceive the crystal-like substance as a food additive found on the dinner table, salt is in fact one of the greatest gifts provided by nature

Coconut Health September 2011

Coconut Health

What makes coconuts so healthy? Cultures that include coconuts in their regular diet have the lowest heart disease rates in the world.

Green with Beauty September 2011

Green with Beauty

The sexy fruit. The Aztec once referred to the avocado as the fertility fruit, savored as the “fruit of the gods”