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Mad About Mangoes May-Aug 2012

Mad About Mangoes

It may come as a surprise, but mangoes are the most widely consumed fruit throughout the world. At present, the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai and the Big Island are two of the many exporting regions that benefit from the consumption of the tropical fruit.

Hot Spot: Makana Terrace May-Aug 2012

Hot Spot: Makana Terrace

Makana, in Hawaiian, means gift, which is exactly what you can expect when you sit down at a table on Makana Terrace’s broad lanai with its commanding view of Hanalei Bay and distant Makana Mountain

Trumpets of the Sea May-Aug 2012

Trumpets of the Sea

A relative of the seahorse, trumpetfish (Aulostomus maculatus) are named for their long, thin bodies with upturned mouths. While common in waters around the Big Island, these masters of disguise can be hard to spot.

Kauai in Technicolor Jan-Apr 2012

Kauai in Technicolor

Kauai’s beaches with its picturesque setting, gentle breezes, swaying palms and the alluring sound of the rhythmic ocean create the ideal environment for anyone ready to enjoy the amazing beauty and splendor of this island paradise.

Local Grindz September 2011

Local Grindz

Here in Hawai­­­i, you can forget about counting calories as local cuisine never fails to be hearty and sinfully delicious. For the newbies looking for a little “in,” we’re here to provide an essential guide to some of the most popular local food dishes.

Got Beef? September 2011

Got Beef?

When visitors first arrive in Hawaii, they are sometimes surprised to find cattle dotting the slopes of volcanoes, grazing serenely, oblivious to the beauty around them. In fact, Hawaii’s cattle history goes back to 1793 when Captain George Vancouver presented the first cows in Hawaii to King Kamehameha