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In the Presence of Sharks May-Aug 2012

In the Presence of Sharks

Why do I tell my students to worry about sharks? Because, on average, 100,000 to 200,000 sharks are killed each day. In the time it takes you to read this article, 1100 sharks will be slaughtered—and that’s only if you read it quickly.

Napali May-Aug 2012


The Napali Coast is about a 15-mile stretch of mostly inaccessible terrain that holds an array of isolated gems and breathtaking vistas. There are three main options to enjoy the treasured destination—by air, foot or boat. Each mode of exploration provides a different, yet equally, profound experience.

Keeping Paradise, Paradise May-Aug 2012

Keeping Paradise, Paradise

The Kilauea Community Garden is thriving. While several plots are used to grow fresh produce for the Kaua‘i Food Pantry, majority of the plots are rented out to community members who need a place to grow food for their families.

Why Don't You Adventures... May-Aug 2012

Why Don't You Adventures...

Need ideas on what to see and do while on the Kauai? We've got you covered.

Playground Paradise May-Aug 2012

Playground Paradise

As dramatic as the Nāpali Cliffs and as rugged as Waimea Canyon, there’s an abundance of thrill-inducing, heart pumping activities to get your adrenaline soaring. It’s time to ditch the beach chairs and have the time of your life!

Deep into Kauai May-Aug 2012

Deep into Kauai

On an island teeming with breathtaking beaches, mountains and cliffs, it can be easy to overlook some of its less prominent features. On the North Shore, two such places are known as the Dry Cave and Wet Cave.

The Buzz on Kaua'i May-Aug 2012

The Buzz on Kaua'i

Oliver Shagnasty is a purist in the world of apiculture (beekeeping). He uses no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. When harvesting honey it’s just him, some simple non-mechanized equipment and the bees.

Trumpets of the Sea May-Aug 2012

Trumpets of the Sea

A relative of the seahorse, trumpetfish (Aulostomus maculatus) are named for their long, thin bodies with upturned mouths. While common in waters around the Big Island, these masters of disguise can be hard to spot.

Kauai in Technicolor Jan-Apr 2012

Kauai in Technicolor

Kauai’s beaches with its picturesque setting, gentle breezes, swaying palms and the alluring sound of the rhythmic ocean create the ideal environment for anyone ready to enjoy the amazing beauty and splendor of this island paradise.