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Trumpets of the Sea May-Aug 2012

Trumpets of the Sea

A relative of the seahorse, trumpetfish (Aulostomus maculatus) are named for their long, thin bodies with upturned mouths. While common in waters around the Big Island, these masters of disguise can be hard to spot.

Kauai in Technicolor Jan-Apr 2012

Kauai in Technicolor

Kauai’s beaches with its picturesque setting, gentle breezes, swaying palms and the alluring sound of the rhythmic ocean create the ideal environment for anyone ready to enjoy the amazing beauty and splendor of this island paradise.

The Tavern at Princeville September 2011

The Tavern at Princeville

For more than two decades, Oahu-based Chef Roy Yamaguchi (founder of Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine) has earned a reputation for combining the island’s best local ingredients with his own formal training and eclectic appreciation of food to create artfully composed dishes that place as much emphasis on pleasing the eye as the palate